Teacher’s Aid Coalition (TAC), a non-profit group founded in 1999 by Dr. Jon Hatakeyama and Bob Davis, is run by volunteers with educational and professional backgrounds. TAC is not affiliated with MHUSD.
Our focus is to meet the needs of children in Morgan Hill schools by filling the supply gap left by diminishing classroom budgets. Supplies donated to TAC go directly into teachers’ classrooms.

Teachers know it’s critical for students to have adequate supplies and materials. To help ensure an optimal learning environment, many local teachers regularly purchase classroom supplies with their own money to supplement their classroom budget.

As you might have read, the State Budget has disallowed state income tax credit for teachers who buy classroom supplies for their students. With an already insufficient salary base and state wide budget cuts to schools, this will doubly affect the teachers working with our children in Morgan Hill.

Teacher’s aid coalition is supported by people like you! We accept donations of supplies and money from individuals and businesses in Morgan Hill. Supplies are distributed to teachers in Morgan Hill schools and they go directly into local classrooms to benefit students.

To address this serious community need, we are seeking your understanding and caring support to supplement classroom supplies. If you are able to donate school supplies, our children and teachers will benefit directly from your support..

Supplies can be dropped off or mailed to Dr. Hatakeyama’s office, at the address below, during regular business hours. They can also field questions at (408) 779-7391. Arrangements can be made to pick up larger donations.

TAC welcomes dedicated members to join TAC. Contact TAC President Roger Beaulieu at robeau6@charter.net for more information.